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University of Adelaide 2020 application fee reduction code is about to run out & tuition fee reduction policy
Release time: 2021-01-22

University of Adelaide 2020 application fee reduction code

University of Adelaide 2020 application fee reduction code is about to run out, pre application as soon as possible


The latest University of Adelaide tuition remission policy for overseas international students

The University of Adelaide will continue to provide tuition fee remission for international students studying online overseas in 2021. The current policy applies to Semester 1, trimesters, winter school, and quadmasters. Please note the following key information:

  • All international students who are overseas and are unable to study in Australia due to the travel ban may be eligible for up to 20% tuition fee remission
  • Tuition fee remission is automatically generated when the admission notice is issued, and no additional application is required
  • Applicants who do not hold scholarships will receive 20% tuition fee remission; Applicants holding 15% scholarship will receive an additional 5% tuition fee remission, that is, a total of 20% tuition fee remission; Applicants who have already held 30% scholarship will still enjoy 30% tuition fee remission
  • Applicable only before the lifting of the travel ban (Exemption for the whole semester). After the lifting of the travel ban, students can not choose to stay abroad to continue to enjoy tuition relief

Important information on the issuance of admission notice for MBBS and BDS in 2021

The admission procedures of MBBS and BDS have been officially opened on October 15. Please pay attention to the following important matters:

  • Unconditional admission and conditional admission notices will be issued from mid October 2020 to February 2021 until they reach their respective international student enrollment quota (MBBS: 34 students; BDS: 36)
  • The deadline for acceptance of admission notice is generally 7 calendar days. For students who are still waiting for the final results, the deadline for admission will be adjusted accordingly (for example, if the final results of the applicant's school are announced from December 2020, the deadline for acceptance will be adjusted according to the date when the final results report is obtained). If you need to extend the acceptance deadline, please reply to the email in time to request the extension
  • The acceptance deadline will be shown on the offer letter
  • Be sure to remind applicants to check email regularly, including spam and spam folder
  • Due to the quota and strict deadline, the offer will be sent to both the applicant and the agency. If the applicant fails to respond before the acceptance deadline, his / her position will be provided to the next eligible applicant
  • Due to the particularity of the course, applicants will be required to read, fill in and reply to an infectious disease (PCI) declaration form. The link to this form is included in the letter of acceptance
  • Successful international students are also required to provide their own country's certificate of no criminal record

Second round of South Australia government international student support program (ISSP)

Applications for the second round of financial assistance program for international students are now open to provide support to international students who are still facing financial difficulties due to the impact of cowid-19. Earlier this year, the South Australian government announced the international student support program (ISSP) to support international students studying and living in South Australia

The second round of international student support program (ISSP) can be applied in the following ways:

  • Students in the three public universities in South Australia or their connecting courses can apply directly to the University
  • For students from other educational institutions (excluding junior, senior and primary schools), you can now apply directly to the South Australian government for the second round of a 500 bail-out grant. You can apply for a total of 1000 through the next two rounds of the ISSP. Some international students have applied for the first round of grants earlier this year and received a 500 grant, so you will receive a 500 grant in the second round of applications. If you first apply for the ISSP relief grant after November 10, 2020, you will receive two one-time grants of 500, totalling 1000
  • The application is open today, and the deadline is February 28, 2021

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