University of York


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School Introduction

約克大學(University of York),是一所位於英格蘭約克郡的頂尖研究型大學。作為羅素集團,世界大學聯盟,N8大學聯盟,白玫瑰大學聯盟,歐洲大學工會(EUA)的重要學術成員,約克大學不僅科研實力雄厚,教學質量也與劍橋大學並列教學聯盟的首位。
school year: 1963year
Number of students: 約18,930人
School Type: 公立
University Ranking:
QS世界排名: 162
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Professional Courses

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School profile

The University of York is a top research university in Yorkshire, England. As an important academic member of Russell Group, World University Alliance, N8 University Alliance, white rose University Alliance and European Union of universities (EUA), York University not only has strong scientific research strength, but also ranks first with Cambridge University in terms of teaching quality.

geographical position

York University is located in the beautiful Yorkshire in the northeast of England. The campus is in a large scenic area. The teaching and accommodation buildings are surrounded by a large lake. There are many historic sites in Yorkshire, where the largest Gothic church in Europe stands. York is a transportation hub connecting the north and the south, 2 hours' drive from London and Edinburgh. It's very convenient from here to London Heathrow International Airport and Manchester International Airport.

School characteristics

  • Guardian UK university ranked 12th in 2019
  • The guardian ranks third in chemistry in the UK in 2019
  • Guardian discipline ranking in 2019, 5th in the UK
  • Guardian discipline ranking in 2019, No.6 in Biological Science in the UK
  • In 2019, the guardian ranked 7th in politics
  • The guardian ranks 10th in social policy and management in the UK in 2019
  • Art and media have a long and famous history. York University Radio is the first legal private radio station in the UK, and York student TV is the oldest student TV station in the UK

Tuition fees and admission requirements

Tuition fee: £ More than 17890 a year

Admission requirements:DSE 444, including 2 related disciplines (subject to subject)

IELTS:Minimum 6.5 (other items not less than 6.0) (subject dependent)

Pathway institutions

Recommendation of Pathway Schools: Kaplan-University of York International College

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