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Geographical Location: 大學坐落於蘇格蘭的第四大城市鄧迪市的市中心,地理位置十分理想。鄧迪是一個大學城,依山傍海。去阿伯丁、愛丁堡和格拉斯哥只需一個多小時,到倫敦坐火車要 6 小時。院系相當緊湊,除醫學和護理學院,其他系都在鄧迪市郊的一座校園內。

School Introduction

school year: 1881year
Number of students: 約14,910人
School Type: 公立
University Ranking:
QS世界排名: 354
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Professional Courses

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School profile

Denver University is a top public university located in Denver City, Scotland. Its predecessor is Denver College of St Andrews University. Its teaching quality and scientific research level are among the top in the UK, and it was awarded the 2014 Queen's Medal of the year higher education outstanding contribution award. The research level of the University in many fields has the world-class level, among which the most prominent disciplines include: Life Science, medicine, finance, law, architecture, art and design, materials science, engineering, etc.

geographical position

The university is located in the heart of dendi, Scotland's fourth largest city, with an ideal location. Dengdi is a university town with mountains and sea. It only takes more than an hour to visit Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and six hours by train to London. The departments are quite compact, with the exception of the medical and nursing faculties, all of which are located on a campus on the outskirts of dengdi.

School characteristics

  • Guardian UK university ranked 29th in 2019
  • Top university satisfaction in Scotland for six consecutive years (2010-2016)
  • Graduates have always maintained one of the best employment records in the UK. Statistics show that the employment rate of graduates from Denver University ranks 10th in the UK
  • According to the latest ranking of Reuters, Denver University is one of the 20 most innovative universities in Europe, while in Scotland, Denver University ranks first in innovation
  • Ranked No.1 in Dental Science in the UK by the guardian in 2019
  • Guardian discipline ranking in 2019, third in the UK
  • Guardian discipline ranking in 2019, No.6 in Biological Science in the UK
  • Ranked 8th in medical science in the UK by the guardian in 2019
  • In 2019, the guardian ranked 9th in the UK in social work
  • Guardian discipline ranking in 2019, 10th in modern language and Linguistics
  • Guardian discipline ranking in 2019, 11th in judicature and Archaeology
  • Guardian discipline ranking in 2019, 12th in fashion and textile

Tuition fees and admission requirements

Tuition fee: £ More than 18150 years

Admission requirements:DSE 333, excluding general and Chinese (subject dependent)

IELTS:6.0 (other items not less than 5.5) (subject to discipline)

Pathway institutions

Recommendation of Pathway Schools: OIEG-International College Dundee

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