The University of Queensland


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Geographical Location: St Lucia QLD 4072

School Introduction

昆士蘭大學(The University of Queensland),簡稱昆大,澳洲常春藤名校聯盟“八大名校”之一,是昆士蘭州的第一所綜合型大學,也是澳洲最大、最有聲望的大學之一,同時還是六所砂巖學府(Sandstone Universities)之一。昆大也是UNIVERSITAS 21成員之一,其科學研究的經費及學術水平在澳洲的大學之中始終位居前列。QS世界大學排名第47位,穩居澳洲大學前五名。
school year: 1910year
Number of students: 53696
School Type: 公立
University Ranking:
QS世界排名: 50
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Professional Courses

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School profile

The University of Queensland, the Ivy League of Australian Universities & lt; Eight famous schools & quot; It is the first comprehensive university in Queensland, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Australia, and one of the six sandstone universities. Kunming University is also one of the members of Universitas 21. Its scientific research funding and academic standards are always at the forefront of Australian universities. QS ranked 47th in the world and ranked among the top five universities in Australia

geographical position

The University of Queensland's main campus in Saint Lucia is located in Brisbane, Queensland. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is not only Sydney but also Melbourne; The third largest city & quot; The best. It is cheaper to study and live in Brisbane, and the crime rate is low. The World Expo in 1988, the G20 summit in 2014 and the Asian Cup in 2015 put it on the international stage

School characteristics

  • Two Nobel laureates, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Defense Minister Peter gration, are alumni of Kunming University
  • The subject of translation has been certified by NAATI of Australia; Chinese English translation & quot; The qualified rate can reach 70% and the interpreting rate can reach about 30%

Tuition fees and admission requirements

Tuition fee:About aud 33000 / year (Bachelor's degree)

Accommodation:About aud 200 - 600 / week

Admission requirements:HKDSE best five subjects 15 or above (depending on subject requirements)

IELTS:6.5 (depending on subject requirements)


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